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The Observatory is managed by Tom Boles and was set up in Coddenham because of its relatively low light pollution and its increased number of cloudless nights per year.The observatory is exclusively used for the patrolling, discovery, imaging and reporting of supernovae. These are catastrophic explosions that end the lives of stars.
There are two basic types of supernova:
type Ia occurs in a binary system when a companion star steals hydrogen gas from its neighbour. This type is believed to explode with a fixed brightness. Measuring the apparent brightness and comparing it with the brightness expected can allow astronomers to calculate the distance of the supernova. This type is therefore used to calculate the distances of the galaxies in which they occur and to help to calculate the size of the Universe. Type Ia is the brighter type. This is useful, as they can be seen at greater distances than type II.
Type II (and types 1b & 1c) supernovae occur when massive stars larger than ten times the mass of our Sun (our nearest star) use up their supply of hydrogen fuel and die. Without the necessary fuel the star collapses inward on itself and then bounces outwards when it reaches its iron core. The force of the explosion blows the star apart with great violence and can leave behind a pulsar (spinning radio source) or black hole. Type II supernovae help astrophysicists deduce the processes occurring within stars and act as huge nuclear laboratories for processes that are impossible to recreate on Earth.




Date: 03 May 2014


COD 017


Last Update: 08 May 2014


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apogee, ap7,celestron, paramount, charles frank. Coddenham astronomical observatory managed by Tom Boles and opened by Patrick Moore, searching for supernovae using apogee ap7, celestron and paramount equipment, contributes to astronomy research. Tom Boles searching for SuperNovae at the Coddenham Observatory