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The roll off observatory houses two fully robotic Paramount
German Equatorial Mounts carrying C-14 Celestron Schmidt Cassegrain reflectors.
The Sensor on each telescope is an Apogee AP7 CCD camera with 512 x 512 x 24 micron back illuminated pixels. Back illumination achieves greater sensitivity by an engineering process that machines excess silicon away from the rear of the chip to allow more light to arrive at the sensitive area. It also increases the chip's response to blue wavelengths. The telescopes are computer controlled using an integrated group of software products. The Sky controls the telescopes, and mount; CCDSoft controls the cameras; Orchestrate runs user defined scripts that control the other programs that, in turn, point, image and store images of selected galaxies. An additional program TPoint is used to increase the pointing accuracy of the combined system to 20 arc seconds across the entire sky.

On 5 January 2003 a third robotic telescope was added. This is installed in the dome. A servo mechanism has also been fitted that will rotate the dome roof as the azimuth direction of the telescope changes. This telescope will be better protected from the wind and will therefore be usable on nights when the weather is too severe for those in the main building. Otherwise this instrument is identical to the other two.


Coddenham Observatory .Coddenham Observatory with the roof open.

The Warm Room.The warm room

Twin C14s.Twin c14s in the Main Observatory

Wellingborough.Original Observatory at Wellingborough



Further information on the observatories and their construction is available in, "More Small Astronomical Observatories" - Patrick Moore (Ed.) Chapter 16. ISBN: 1-85233-572-6 published by Springer.





Date: 03 May 2014


COD 017


Last Update: 08 May 2014


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Tom Boles searching for SuperNovae at the Coddenham Observatory observatory, coddenham, supernova, supernovae, tom boles, patrick moore, astronomy, astronomical,
apogee, ap7,celestron, paramount, charles frank. Coddenham astronomical observatory managed by Tom Boles and opened by Patrick Moore, searching for supernovae using apogee ap7, celestron and paramount equipment, contributes to astronomy research. Tom Boles searching for SuperNovae at the Coddenham Observatory