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I come originally from Glasgow where I spent many happy years as a telescope designer and maker for Charles Frank Ltd., Saltmarket, Glasgow, from whom many amateurs in the UK, including me, acquired their first telescopes.
Today, I am a retired computer and telecom support engineer having held director level positions with several multinational equipment marketing and support companies.
I am a past President and current Vice President of The British Astronomical Association, a Fellow of The Royal Astronomical Society a member of Commission 28 of the IAU. I am also a member of The Webb Society and The Astronomer.

The IAU named asteroid (7648) Tomboles=1989 TB1 in recognition of my contribution to astronomy. The BAA awarded me the Merlin Medal in 2008 for a notable contribution to the advancement of astronomy.
My devouring passion is extra-galactic supernovae: their physics, appearance, demographics and, of course, their discovery. I patrol on every available clear night and monitor some 12,000 galaxies for supernovae.





Date: 03 May 2014


COD 017


Last Update: 08 May 2014


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Tom Boles searching for SuperNovae at the Coddenham Observatory observatory, coddenham, supernova, supernovae, tom boles, patrick moore, astronomy, astronomical,
apogee, ap7,celestron, paramount, charles frank. Coddenham astronomical observatory managed by Tom Boles and opened by Patrick Moore, searching for supernovae using apogee ap7, celestron and paramount equipment, contributes to astronomy research. Tom Boles searching for SuperNovae at the Coddenham Observatory